Dr. Robert D. Spencer Education Grant

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The Lakeview Schools Educational Foundation (LSEF) is now accepting grant applications for the Dr. Robert D. Spencer Education Grant. This annual grant is to help provide financial support to instructional employees of the Lakeview School District who are interested in developing their knowledge and skills concerning delivery and assessment of effective instructional practices as they impact student learning.


The Dr. Robert D. Spencer Education Grant is potentially renewable for prior recipients. Interested applicants must reapply annually in order to be given consideration.

The applicant must be a current employee of the Lakeview School District who is involved in planning, developing, and/or implementing instructional services to students. Eligible employees include para-educators, teachers, other instructional support personnel, and members of the district’s administrative staff. Activities financially supported by the grant include: college classes, instructionally focused seminars/workshops and/or training activities focused on improvement of instructional methodology and/or student learning.

Funds Available

The typical Dr. Robert D. Spencer Grant award is $500.

Selection Criteria

A written statement that clearly connects the applicant’s proposed use of the grant monies to his/her instructional responsibilities in the district. Describe the educational/developmental program in which you will expend the Spencer Grant Funds. Explain the anticipated benefits of the particular learning endeavor. How will it be presented to other staff members? Describe the sequence of activities needed to accomplish program objectives. A timeline or milestone chart if applicable.

Spencer Grant Application


Grant request is due by March 1. Winner is announced April 1, with monies available through December 31. To qualify, an applicant or applicants should submit a completed application form to the LSEF Board of Trustees, 15 Arbor Street, Battle Creek MI 49015.

Review Procedures For All Grants

Grant applications are reviewed by the Grant Committee of LSEF with recommendations for final approval by the LSEF Board. The grants are then administered by the Battle Creek Community Foundation.