Jean Creech Shear Art Fund

  1. Please open the downloaded grant application using ADOBE. Download now?
  2. The grant application will be found on your computer in your DOWNLOADS folder.
  3. The Buttons in the application will not work if the application is opened as a window in Chrome, Firefox, or any other browser.
  4. Please press “ALLOW access” for the grant application to open the LSEF website when prompted during the “Go to Submission Form” process.


Grants from this fund may be used for Lakeview School District students and art teachers for purposes including, but not limited to the following examples:

Teachers: Internal or external art programs and initiatives that support photography and/or fine art education, participation and access. Such as after school art programs; art club event(s); paints/brushes/supplies for classroom; trip to a museum of art or other art event, etc.

Lakeview School District students who seek support for internal or external art-related projects such as, but not limited to: photography and art classes; fees, framing, mailing or necessary costs to submit and/or represent entry into contests or related activities; etc.

Funds Available

Variable, typically approximately $400. The spending policy allocated to this fund will be awarded as follows in terms of dollar amounts: 50% towards grant making and 50% towards scholarships.

Selection Criteria

Art that portrays or projects negative or angry images is ineligible for consideration.
Application responses to specific questions regarding the applicants’ art and artistic expression.

Students: available during the school year