Post-Secondary Scholarships

Please go to to apply for all LSEF Post-Secondary Scholarships.

When an additional application is required information from the BCCF General Application is populated into the application. Extra requirements are minimal. Click on the individual scholarship links below for more information on the scholarships.

Al Leibert Scholarship
Andert Family Scholarship
Barbara, Henrietta, and Jack Curtis Memorial Scholarship
Judi Dolezal Memorial Scholarship
Lakeview Alumni Scholarship
Lakeview High School Class of 1961 Scholarship
Lloyd W. Heselschwerdt Memorial Scholarship
Marie and Frank Eldridge Memorial Scholarship
Marjorie A. Pastor Memorial Scholarship
Minges Family Scholarship
Pathways Scholarship
Reverend George and Jean Seifert Memorial Fund
Robert M. Ward Scholarship
Theodore N. Thomas Memorial Scholarship
Vosburg Scholarship Fund