Mary Ellen Vanderveer Staff Development Fund

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Mary Ellen Vanderveer, past Trustee and President of the Lakeview Board of Education, was a highly respected and dedicated volunteer community leader. Throughout her trusteeship, she listened, advised, provided vision and led. She was quiet and reserved; however, when she spoke, everyone listened.

Mrs. Vanderveer’s husband, Richard, her brother, John Stetler, her mother, Marion, her family and many friends have contributed funds to establish grants for staff, Board or administrative improvement. The purpose of these funds is to advance teaching and learning in the Lakeview School District.


Lakeview School District Board of Education members, staff and administration.

Funds Available

Grants will be awarded in two cycles per year in the amount of $600 each cycle. Cycle I grants are announced on December 1 with funds available from January 1 – December 31. Cycle II grants are awarded on April 1 with funds available from May 1 – December 31.

Selection Criteria

There are no restrictions regarding the use of these funds except that they are to be used for the advancement of teaching and learning.


Applications must be received no later than November 1 for Cycle I and March 1 for Cycle II.To qualify, an applicant or applicants should submit a completed application form to the LSEF Board of Trustees, 15 Arbor Street, Battle Creek MI 49015.

Review Procedures For All Grants

Grant applications are reviewed by the Grant Committee of LSEF with recommendations for final approval by the LSEF Board. The grants are then administered by the Battle Creek Community Foundation.